LineCatcher History

Ray Walker founded LineCatcher Industries in 1995. His wife, Maude, and he are lifelong boating enthusiasts, owning both power and sailboats in New England and Florida. A decade or so ago Maude fell off a bicycle in Florida and broke a bone in her foot. Wearing a cast for a few months made jumping off the boat with the docklines impossible. Marinas “advertise” available dockhands, but the question was always WHEN? On a busy day one is pumping fuel, another is helping someone dock on another fingerpier, and a third is deep in conversation with a pretty girl in a bikini. While we wouldn’t question any of their priorities, the attending wait for help can be lengthy.

Necessity being the father (or mother) of all invention, DockCatcher was born. Not only did it solve Ray and Maude’s problem, but within a short time it was solving the problems of many others trying to safely and easily get fast to the docks. Without doubt the most disagreeable part of boating is the docking-mooring process. Many a relationship has been severely tested by the vocal encounters that go along with it. Whether it be daytime, nighttime, heavy wind or tide, Ray's inventions have brought this procedure out of the dark ages.

One user, employed in product development for a major computer company, suggested that Ray patent his great idea. About six months later Ray was granted a Patent and Trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Not bad after 45 years in the property and casualty insurance business! In 2002 Ray grew his company with patents on new products, MooringCatcher and LineCatcher. He also added marketing, shipping, and accounting staff. His successes have been touted by local television stations, and he produced a full-blown video to highlight the products utility.

In 2006, at the age of 81, Ray retired and sold his business to Peter Richardsson. Peter had impressed Ray with his passion and ability during a brief engagement providing Ray with some targeted marketing consulting. He also is an avid sailor and hopes to become the "Vic Kiam" of the boating world, "I (and my wife) loved the product so much, I bought the company!" Peter has worked with creative inventors most of his career. From helping to take a college friend's bar dice game to "Family Game of the Year," to helping get a new and unique "ostrich" ravioli product recognized as "Best New Pasta," Peter has a long history marketing and selling unique and inventive products. A marriage made in heaven!

Please page through the rest of our website and we think you will agree that Ray’s patented DockCatcher, LineCatcher, and MooringCatcher will put a new dimension on boating and SAFETY.

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