MooringCatcherThe MooringCatcher

WOW! What a great Idea!

Crosswinds, currents, and tides are no longer a factor with MooringCatcher

A brightly colored ball or custom burgee coupled with reflective tape guides the skipper to a perfect, "upwind" landing EVERY TIME

Your crew safely retrieves the mooring line without a boat hook, complicated and often unheard directions from the bow, or any unsafe gymnastics!

MooringCatcherYour mooring line is always out of the water, not down in the mud collecting seaweed or strange sea creatures


  • No more leaning far over the bow with a boathook in one hand reaching for the line with the other
  • No more searching for a boat hook
  • No more yelling from the bow; the bright red ball or burgee is easily visable
  • No more fouled pennant or mooring lines
  • Reflective tape for easily finding your mooring at night
  • Easy to install
  • No moving parts to maintain
  • All products made The GREAT U.S.A. and assembled in Maine




All products made in
and assembled in Maine


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